JOHN O. Sparks, NV

Author: Mock Webware |

My experience with these guys was phenomenal. From the initial estimate, which was over the phone, to a re-estimate for a different cable type and more cable drops, then back to the original estimate, Austin was polite, patient, and very clear when answering our questions and explaining when things weren't understood. He was very helpful, and worked with us get our project done in our price range, and schedule the work at a convenient time for us. Our project was for 6 drops, with 2 lines each, in 6 different rooms, spread all over our 2 story home. The guys were over around 8:30 AM, and worked until 6:00 PM so that they could finish in a single day. I watched them throughout the whole process, and they were focused, professional, and at times very creative in how they solved some unique cabling problems. They were so focused that they didn't even stop for lunch! They did all this with minimal dry wall cuts, which they cleaned up nicely afterwards. Austin and Mike were great to work with, and they were happy to answer all of my questions during the process, and remained in good spirits even when a cabling problem took 2 hours to solve. They were patient and methodical, and their attic guy, Jake, moved around quickly and carefully in our maze like attic. Overall, it was a pleasure to hire them, and their work is exemplary. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.