Why You Shouldn’t DIY Installing A Home Theater System

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We know how excited you must be about the new home theater system that you just brought home. But it’s frustrating to have to wait until a professional comes to our house to install a home theater system when you are already eager to watch your favorite movies on the newly bought system.

While installing a home theater yourself might seem like an easy project to undertake. However, there are so many important details, big and small, that you could overlook. As an expert in the field, we at Northern Nevada Low Voltage have written down why you shouldn’t DIY installing a home theater system.

1. It can be confusing
When you are working with a home theater system, you have to work in a confined space. You may not know which cables are to be inserted where. That can affect the quality of sound. Moreover, since there are plenty of cables in a home theater system, you may fail to arrange them well. As a result, you’ll end up installing a home theater system that looks like a mess rather than adding class and appeal to your living room. Additionally, accidental drywall cuts can sever high voltage wires or pipes behind the wall.

2. You do not have a professional eye
If you don’t have a professional view of your space, you will probably overspend or underspend on your sound selection. As a layman, you wouldn’t know which cables go in where. As a result, the audio and video of the home theater system won’t be calibrated right. Only a professional can do it right. Bad sound design can cause a limited life to equipment.

Do things right - Hire a professional
A professional can guide you on the correct equipment for the space you are working in, provide a clean seamless installation, and help get you the best possible end product possible. They have Cedia certifications, Confined space certification, power tool experience, A/V design certification, etc., to install the system properly. Unless you really know what you’re doing, installing items like speakers, projectors, or even reclining chairs can put not only your personal safety at risk but also the safety of your home. If you don’t have solid experience in this type of work, our advice is to hire a professional to install your home theater system.

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